I signed up for an annual membership and I selected Director’s Flight, what if I want to receive a different flight one month?
email info@purplewineclub.com, we will make a one time adjustment to your order

I signed up for an annual quarterly membership, can I receive flights 2 months in a row and then take 4 months off?
currently our wine club is designed for monthly or quarterly ongoing deliveries only, however you may visit our online store to make a one-time flight purchase during your ‘off-months’

Can I find out what’s in the flights this month before I’ve received my shipment?
due to our Sommeliers a process selecting, receiving and processing the wines we do not have advanced information on your monthly flights … our hope is that you can place enough trust in us to make thoughtful, high-quality selections within the parameters of Red, White and Director’s. However, you will receive an email a week in advance letting you know what you will receive. We really hope you have a surprising and delightful experience in simply opening up your Wine Club shipment each month.

I really loved one of the wines in my Flight this month, is there a way I can purchase more?
check out our bottles section in the online store to see if it is available there, if not, please email info@purplewineclub.com and we will set aside the wine for you if we still have it in stock.

When are the flights available/shipped?
our monthly shipments are generally ready in the 3rd week of the month, you will receive an email indicating your order has shipped, or is ready to be picked up. 

(When) Will you be shipping to my state?
Every state, and in some cases every county, has their own legal and tax implications regarding the shipment of alcohol. We plan to continue expanding our shipping territory as best we can, but we’re just starting out so it’s still pretty limited to the west coast, plus Washington DC.